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How to Thrive Within the Waiting

I know 8 different fertility diets, I know all the stupid internet lingo for ttc, I've learned how to track my ovulation in at least 3 different ways, I've read everything I could possibly read about conception.  I've done all the research I can on that front.   At this point I can't even find new or different articles about trying to conceive.  

So now what?

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Actionable Advice From My Doctor

I mean don't get me wrong I already know that I could be healthier but how she phrased it works for me.  Eat better, walk more, no caffeine.  These are things I have control of.  These are choices I can make on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, choice by choice basis.  I can't just tell my body, 'stop being fat.'  That is not actionable advice.

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