First Male Factor Fertility Appointment

This week we went to Jose’s urologist, who specializes in male factor infertility. The doctor talked to us about different lifestyle changes that Jose could make and did a physical exam.

We found out some major stuff from the physical exam…and I go into detail about sperms and balls and scrotums so if that’s not your jam … just be warned.


Technically Jose and I could get pregnant naturally but the chances are about 1/3 of a typical couple due to the low numbers from the semen analysis. Jose will repeat the semen analysis just to make sure it was an accurate reading. Apparently you can have a bad sperm day. ::shrug:: We are getting that on the books ASAP.


Jose also has a small lump on one of his balls so he has to get an ultrasound to make sure that it’s nothing to worry about. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned and said it’s probably just a small cyst. So I’m trying not to worry about it. The ultrasound is scheduled for the end of July.


The doctor also found that Jose has varicoceles or varicose veins in his scrotum. I didn’t know that was even a thing. I thought only old ladies got varicose veins in their legs. Apparently about 15% of dudes have this and it doesn’t usually cause any pain so you wouldn’t know until you go see a doctor.

But basically the veins are supposed to keep blood circulating relatively quickly just like every other vein in your body which helps to keep your body cool and working properly. But these varicose veins swell up and the blood sort of pools there and doesn’t circulate properly. In Jose’s case this results in hot balls. Hot balls are not conducive to producing good quality sperm.

So to correct this Jose will have to have varicose vein surgery on his scrotum. The doctor explained the surgery so I will do my best to re-explain. The doctor will cut into Jose’s leg, right next to the scrotum, and cut off the varicose veins. Then other smaller healthy veins will grow in to take the place of the ones that were cut.

Jose will have to take a week off of work and his scrotum will be swollen for 1-2 weeks. But in theory this will correct the unhealthy sperm issue and the doctor said we could go from having at 10% chance of getting pregnant up to possibly a 40% chance which is a huge difference. So we will be calling to set up the surgery as soon as we can.


I’m glad we finally have something to do. I’m glad it was a definitive issue. I’m glad the problem has a solution. And that the solution could possibly completely fix our fertility issues.

It also sucks that Jose has to have another surgery this year. He has never had surgery before and now he will have two in one year. Plus it’s essentially ball surgery - that just doesn’t sound fun at all.

We are already drowning in medical bills from his wrist surgery and now we will have another one on top of it. I also don’t know how much this one will be but I can’t imagine that it’s cheap. It’s also possible that it won’t be covered by our insurance if the insurance company figures out that it’s for fertility reasons - which is completely fucked up. How is fertility not a necessary medical expense? Can I get some universal health care already please?! Please?!

I will update when we have results from the semen analysis or the ultrasound, whichever ends up coming first. xo