First Fertility Specialist Appointment

So we finally got in to see the Fertility Specialist. I think her official title is reproductive endocrinologist.

We learned a lot.

Go to a specialist ASAP

The first thing we learned was that my previous OBGYN is not a fertility doctor. If you are having trouble getting pregnant go to a specialist right away. My OBGYN talked like she knew what was going on and she didn’t have a clue.

I might be good

Second, it’s possible that I ovulate perfectly fine on my own. All my numbers from all my blood tests were normal. Including the ones before my first round of letrozole and the one after my first which showed that I did in fact ovulate normally and did not need to introduce more artificial hormones into my body.

So this cycle I am not taking anything and my new doctor will do a blood test at the appropriate time to see if I’m ovulating on my own.

Dang ol’ Sperms

Thirdly, the sperms are definitely troublesome. We wanted to get started with the things we need to do for an IUI but they told us that because Jose’s numbers were so low that an IUI wouldn’t even help anymore than timed sex. So we have to work on getting those sperm numbers up.

Jose will be going to see a reproductive urologist that is in the same office as our reproductive endocrinologist. There are some lifestyle changes that he can implement to see if that helps bring the numbers up while he’s waiting to get in to that doctor. And then the doctor might prescribe some drugs to help get those numbers up as well.

Next Steps

  • Lifestyle changes for Jose

  • Lots of ovulation tests for me

  • Timed sex

  • All the waiting

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