I’m Amy

There is still room to come alive and thrive within the waiting.

On this website…

I am trying to get pregnant and keep my anxiety levels as low as possible.

When my husband and I started down this path in February of 2018 I did all the research, set up all my Pinterest boards, started a baby registry, and then I got my period.

Then I freaked out.

I did all the research about infertility and started freaking out even more.

During that research I came across one Pinterest article, that I can’t even find anymore, that changed my entire life.

Instead of talking about this period of waiting as a negative thing, it mentioned all the positive things you could do to REALLY get ready for a baby. The mental and emotional preparation that many parents don’t get to do when they get pregnant right away.

This one article sent me down a very different and much more constructive path of life and I want to be able to share that with you!


Amy Farfan

You can usually find me watching a Gordon Ramsey cooking show with my husband. Master Chef Junior is my personal favorite!

I try to eat mostly green things but a pizza sneaks in every once in a while.