Varicoceles Pre-op Appointments

So we just had my husband’s pre-op appointments this past week in preparation for his Varicoceles Surgery which is coming up in a couple weeks.

The first appointment was an ultrasound for the balls…apparently there was a small bump on one side that the doc just wanted to double check on before he went in there to clip veins. Supposedly they were going to call with the results of that ultrasound but we haven’t heard anything yet. I guess that means that we’re good. In my experience they are pretty quick with the bad news and pretty slow (if they even call you at all) on the good news.

The second appointment was basically a physical to make sure my husband was in good enough shape to undergo surgery. Plus instructions for where to go for the surgery and all the logistic things. The paperwork we had before hand said he would have to have a chest x-ray but they didn’t do that, the doctor just listened to his heart, lungs, and stomach. And they asked a bunch of questions about health history and current physical conditions. They also took a vial of blood so they would ‘have a baseline.’

Everything seemed to go very smoothly. We waited a long ass time to get into the actual appointments but the NPs didn’t seem to be worried about anything so we are not worrying too much either. I’m sure when it gets closer we (read: I) will be much more nervous about things but for now I’m just taking things day by day and trying to enjoy the days.

Amy FarfanComment