Varicoceles Surgery + Moving

My husband had his Varicoceles surgery on August 15th and he is doing great! We also moved apartments on the 29th which is why I haven’t posted anything until now!


So on the 15th we got to the hospital early in the morning and waited around for a while. Jose wasn’t allowed to eat anything so i didn’t eat either. He finally got called back and get prepped for surgery. Then I was allowed to go back and wait with him until they were ready to wheel him back to the surgery room. He finally got wheeled into surgery around 10:30 or 11 in the morning.

after he went back to surgery I went down to the hospital cafeteria and got some food to eat. by then i was starving so everything tasted pretty good though I’m sure it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had. I hung around in the cafeteria for probably an hour or two since they said it would be about a 3 hour surgery. Plus the cafeteria was way less crowded than the waiting room. I just watched videos on my phone and played games on there too. Then I went back to the waiting room just in case they got done early. While I was waiting I people watched and played on my phone.

The doctor came out soon after I went back up to the waiting room and let me know that everything went well and that the nurses were stitching him back up. I was allowed back to see him after he woke up from the anesthesia, about an hour later. He was still pretty groggy but didn’t say anything funny. darn it!

He had to go pee before the nurses would let him go home so they gave him coffee and juice and water to drink and a couple of crackers to go with it. It took probably another hour and a half or so to get him to pee and then get him processed out of the recovery room.

but we went home that day grabbed food on the way home and just watched TV in bed for the rest of the day. The next week Jose had to take off work and was told to do very light activities - so as not to rip his stitches. He mostly did a good job with that but probably walked a little more than he should have.

Now - about three weeks later he is feeling great and is pretty much back to normal except his hair down there is really short since they had to shave everything… so weird!


So like I said we also moved this past week on the 27th…what a whirlwind that has been. We had been slowly packing since about April when the roof of our old apartment blew off and flooded our kitchen. So we have known we were going to move for a long time. but the last two weeks after Jose’s surgery were bananas! I forgot how much time and energy it takes to move. Not to mention finding out how much crap we can accumulate while staying in the same apartment for 5 years. Whew we have a lot of shit.

As we packed we got rid of at least 3 carloads of stuff and now as we are unpacking at the new place we are still finding things that we don’t really need and can pass on to the next person.


The actual moving day was incredible. I was filled with so much joy while watching the movers do all the parts of the moving that I hate. I’ve had movers before but the one’s I’ve had before were not a nice group of people. The ones we had this time BEK were fantastic. We ended up having a pretty tough move with them having to park far away from both the old and the new apartment but they kept a fairly good attitude about the whole thing. We ended up paying for 6 hours plus a generous tip for each of them and I’m not even mad about it becasuse I didn’t have to do shit that day. That in and of itself is freaking amazing!!!!

I loved not having to lift a single box and that fact filled me with so much joy I cannot even explain in words. I just kept finding myself smiling that day just knowing that I was able to throw money at a shitty part of life and have that money work hard for me. Such a good feeling!!!

Post Op coming up

Jose’s post op appointment is this coming Monday. The doctor should be able to tell if the varicoceles are fixed and if everything on the inside is healing properly. Fingers Crossed that all goes well at that appointment. We won’t know for 2.5 more months if the varicoceles were the only problem but heres to hoping!

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