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Denver Day 3 - Jose's Second Birthday

We are up in the mountains near St. Mary's Glacier.  I woke up early because the sun was shining in our windows.  I decided to get up and write instead of trying (usually unsuccessfully) to fall back to sleep.  Mornings are the only times that I will have free time to myself on this trip.  And with this view, I couldn't ask for a better writing space!

After the boys woke up and we all got ready for the day we started setting up for the party.  People started arriving around 1pm and we had a great time.  

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Denver Day 2 - Trip to Boulder

We slept in again because we were so tired from the birthday party the night before. But we woke up in time for lunch so we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for lunch.  While we were eating a friend of Jose's from college offered to drive us to Boulder (where they went to school) after he got off work around 3pm.  We agreed that it would be fun to go visit Jose's college town. 

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