Denver Day 3 - Jose's Second Birthday

We are up in the mountains near St. Mary's Glacier.  I woke up early because the sun was shining in our windows.  I decided to get up and write instead of trying (usually unsuccessfully) to fall back to sleep.  Mornings are the only times that I will have free time to myself on this trip.  And with this view, I couldn't ask for a better writing space!


After the boys woke up and we all got ready for the day we started setting up for the party.  There was and accident on the highway that you have to take to get up to Gary's house so people started arriving around 2:30pm.  

A bunch of people came up for the party.  Two of Jose's siblings, some previous co-workers, and friends.  We waited until people started showing up to start cooking.  I ended up being the one cooking because Jose and Gary were busy greeting guests.  I've never been in charge of grilling before but it was kind of fun.  It gave me something to do while hanging out with a bunch of people I barely know, so that was nice. 

Then after everyone was done eating we all started playing Jose's new game, What do you Meme?  It's basically like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity except that the Black or Green card is a picture that has been used as an internet meme.  It is definitely not appropriate for children.  It was a really fun game but with 10 people playing it took a very long time to finish the game.  I'd say we played for at least 3 hours.  I was definitely getting bored and annoyed by the end. 

I think sometimes when I am in social situations for a really long time, I reach a 'Full' point.  When I hit that point I am done.  My filter goes away and sometimes I say mean or rude things then my body goes into flight mode and I get restless.  I just have to get away from everyone for a little while.  Depending on the situation sometimes I can cool down with a bathroom break sometimes I have to go sit in a room by myself for longer periods of time.  I just need to be alone to recharge my batteries.  

It's not that I don't want to be with people because I do!  I feel like I'm missing out when I have to get away.  But my mind knowing that I want to spend time with people doesn't win over my heart's exhaustion with being social.  Does anyone else ever feel like that?  Let me know in the comments below.  

So anyway, after the game was finally over, everyone who was going home left (including all of the kids) and everyone who was staying changed into warmer clothes and started the bonfire.  I took an extra long time to change clothes so that I could be alone for a little while.  When I got down to the fire everyone was still eating and drinking so I joined in.  When in Colorado do as the Coloradans do!  The fire lasted a couple hours and then everyone came inside and we watched Fantasia 2000.  I started falling asleep so I went up stairs and went to bed.  

It was a long day and a good day.  I hit my full point and came back from it.  We got to connect with a lot of people and relax in the mountains.  We love having a friend who lives in the mountains!