Denver Day 2 - Trip to Boulder

We slept in again because we were so tired from the birthday party the night before. But we woke up in time for lunch so we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for lunch.  While we were eating a friend of Jose's from college offered to drive us to Boulder (where they went to school) after he got off work around 3pm.  We agreed that it would be fun to go visit Jose's college town. 

We had a few hours to kill before it was time to meet up so we went shopping at the Cherry Creek mall for a about an hour and a half.  Jose found a nice pair of shorts that were on sale and I found a cool Colorado t-shirt.

When it was time, we met up with Jose's friend and drove to Boulder.  I fell asleep in the car on the way there.  Cars just lull me to sleep, something about the motion... but when we got there I woke up!  

I got the full tour of their shared college life.  We stopped by the comic book store where Jose worked all through college.  We drove past a bunch of places where they used to hang out.  By then it was dinner time so they picked a restaurant that they frequented on a regular basis, The Rio Grande.  We all got margaritas and something to eat.  It was really good!

After dinner we were all full so we walked over to Pearl Street, which is a pedestrian mall.  There were street performers and neat little shops and a few cute bookstores.  We walked up and down the mall and then we were ready to head back to Denver.  

I caught this picture on the way back to Denver

I caught this picture on the way back to Denver

When we got back into town we parted ways with Jose's friend and headed up towards St. Mary's Glacier where Gary lives.  We miraculously found his house in the dark with no cell signal!  He is hosting another Birthday party for Jose tomorrow so we wanted to get to his house early so that we could here to help set everything up.  More tomorrow!