Denver Day 1 - José’s 39th Birthday

We always sleep in on our birthdays (as long as we don't have to work).  Because we both work 6 days/week we don't get to sleep late very often it is a treat when we do get to sleep in.  

When we did finally wake up by about 10:30, we could here people talking upstairs so we went up and Jose's Tia Elena was there watching the kids.  So we sat and caught up with her for a little while.  Then we decided to go see Jose's niece 'graduate' from kindergarten. So we got ready and went over to the elementary school.

While we were at the graduation ceremony we were making plans with Gary, a friend of Jose's, to go to brunch.  So after the graduation was finished we congratulated Jose's niece and gave her big hugs.  and then we scooted over to Snooze for brunch.  It was delicious and I would highly recommend trying it out if you live in or visit the Denver area.  I had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  So good!


After brunch the three of us decided that we wanted to do something to walk off our breakfast before the evening Birthday Drinks plan.  After discussing it for a little while we decided to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. DMNS for short.    


It was nice to be a little bit touristy because sometimes when we visit Denver we end up only hanging out with family.  Which is great, don't get me wrong, but this is also our summer vacation so it's nice to do something we wouldn't normally do.  


DMNS has a ton of fossils of dinosaurs and skeletons of prehistoric creatures.  I love dinosaurs because they make me think of what will really matter millions and millions of years from now...They remind me of how small I am in the grand scheme of things and how insignificant my day-to-day worries really are.  They give me an appreciation of the incredible life I have been given.  


We also got to see the Egyptian mummies.  They give me a similar sort of perspective.  To see the remnants of this incredible 3,000 year civilization is mind boggling.  Imagine what people will think of us when they dig up our boring old bones in carved wooden boxes 8 feet under ground.  Pretty boring compared to the ancient Egyptians if you ask me.  


After the museum closed it was time to head over to Charlie Brown's for Jose's Birthday drinks.  He invited his family and all of his friends from over the years and lots of them were able to make it!  A friend from the cafe he worked at when we met was able to join us for a few hours.  A friend from the TV station Jose worked at for a long time came a little later.  A friend from the comic book store Jose worked at came for a drink.  A friend from college came over after another event.  Most of Jose's siblings and cousins were able to make it for at least part of the evening.  

It was a really good evening.  I loved seeing him connect with so many different parts of his life.  And I know he had a good time being connected to so many of his people.  

I think Jose's 39th birthday was a success!