Road trip from St. Louis to Denver

My husband and I are on vacation! We took a road trip from St. Louis to Denver.  School is out for me until summer school so I have about two weeks off of school! Plus my husband’s birthday is tomorrow so we decided to go to Denver to visit his side of the family!  This trip could not have come at a better time!  I needed a distraction from all of my issues with trying to get pregnant.  Start here if you don't know my story.


The drive seemed to go by faster than normal, probably because I took two naps instead of my normal one. It rained for about ten minutes while I was driving and about twenty minutes or so when José was driving. With only thirty minutes of rain out of the 13 hours of driving I’d say we had pretty great weather overall. And traffic wasn’t too bad either. We hit a little bit of morning traffic in St. Louis but that was it. 


I took a ton of pictures on the road with my phone camera. All these photos were taken through the windshield while he was driving.  The skys were beautiful for the whole trip. 


We made it to José’s cousin’s house, where we are staying, by about 8:30 pm and had dinner with them and hung out until I was too tired to keep a conversation going. 

Thirteen hours stuck in a small car is not always the easiest but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone beside my partner. We love to listen to podcasts and music. We get lots of time to just talk about life and catch up on the little things that have slipped by with the day to day busyness of life. And it feels good just to be next to him. My heart is full and I can’t wait to see what unfolds on the rest of our trip!