Ways to Distract Yourself from Worry

I worry all the time.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is worry.  So here is what I do to get my mind off of the worry.  

Ways to distract yourself from worry.png

1. Write.

I write anything.  Stories, blog posts, worry lists, gratitude lists, to-do lists, even grocery lists.  There's something about getting things out of my head that is calming.  Putting my thoughts out into the universe just feels good. 

2. Walk.

I'm not a runner.  I lift weights when I go to the gym.  But when I'm worried about stuff then I try to get out into the world and walk.  Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.  It gets my heart beating and makes me breathe deeply.  I sometimes think just getting outside for a little while helps.  Then I don't feel so surrounded and closed in. 

3. Distract Myself.

Read a good book.  Watch a show that I can really lose myself in.  Watch a movie that will make me cry.  Anything that will get me out of my own head works.  Netflix is nice because it's always suggesting things that I end up liking.  I don't know how they do it but they get me.  

4. Talk to someone about what I'm worried about.

Similar to writing, talking to someone about what I'm worried about helps me get it out of my head and into the universe.   Plus every once in a while that person will give me a good piece of advice or at least say that they understand and I feel better for a little while. 

5. Take a bath. 

Taking a bath is a special treat for me because I usually make myself too busy for them.  When I stress myself out to the point of cancelling plans then I try to take a bath and calm down.  The warm water feels good and I turn music on and try to clear my mind.  

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Let me know what you do to distract yourself from worry in the comments below.