Why This Feminist Changed Her Name

As a feminist, the decision to change my name or not took me a long time to decide.  In the end I decided to add my husband's name to the end of mine rather than replacing my name with his. Read on if you want to know how I came to this decision.

Why this Feminist changed her name.png

I am a feminist and I did end up changing my name.  However, it was a tough decision because growing up I loved my name.  It has a good ring, it's short, and it was mine.  I always planned on keeping my original name.

As I was planning my wedding and talking with my now husband, we did talk about changing my name.  He is also a feminist (wouldn't have married him otherwise) and he didn't care one way or the other if I changed my name or not.  However, he did want our future children to have his last name.  And that got me thinking.  Up to that point I was just thinking about myself and how I felt about it.  I hadn't even thought of what my kids would think or feel.

So I got to thinking.  Thinking about how I would have felt if my mom had a different name.  Thinking about why I really liked my name. Thinking about why I want to keep my original name.  Thinking about what I want my kids to think and feel about their own name.

I realized that the reason I love my name so much is because it not only belonged to me but because it belonged to my whole family.  I want that for my future children too.  So I didn't get rid of my name. Instead I added my husband's last name to the end of mine.  This way I am not losing my identity but rather adding a new chapter to my name and my life.  

Did you change your name after you got married?  Why or Why Not?  Let me know in the comments below.