I am 4 days late...

I am 4 days late for my period...and I'm freaking out!  

I took a pregnancy test on the first day of my missed period and I took a test today.  Both were negative. Grumble.  

I know I could just be late but I'm having lots of other symptoms too.  I had cramps for about 2 hours ten days ago. (implantation cramps maybe). I've had a tiny bit of spotting right around then too.  I've got milky white discharge now.  I know TMI if you know me in real life but I want to remember everything.  I've also been super sensitive to certain foods and feeling nauseous if I eat too much salty food. (This info is super accurate because I've been tracking my cycles and a bunch of other stuff with this great app called CLUE.  The best part is that it's not pink and flowery.)

I guess I just have to wait.  Everything I read online said that I could just be testing too early.  They say that if I still don't get my period for two weeks after my period would have been over then I should go see a doctor for a blood test and if that's negative then there could be something more serious going on.  That's like two weeks from now...how am I going to be able to wait that long???  Hopefully I will get a positive pregnancy test before that.  Or even my period.  At least I wouldn't have to keep waiting.  

The waiting is eating me up inside.  

Amy Farfan