First round of Letrozole

I guess I was a little angry while writing my last post. I’m still not super happy with my doctor but I’m taking the drugs as prescribed so we’ll see how it goes. It is totally possible that this is the only kick that my body needs to get it into gear, so all fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed for good luck.

I took my first round of Letrozole last week from Wednesday-Sunday. Side effects were minimal as far as I could tell but I did have some so hopefully that means it’s working. On Saturday I had a hot flash and on Sunday I had a few hot flashes and was either crying at commercials during the Oscars or yelling at my husband…no in between and no other emotions, so yeah, I guess mood swings are on the list of side effects too. I can take a few hot flashes and my husband can take a day or two of mood swings in order to make a baby so I’ll put this as a win so far.

Now I’m just taking the ovulation tests every morning hoping for a positive one. And we are having sex everyday. We are usually more of an every other day couple so the change has been interesting. I feel like I have to be ‘on’ more which sometimes feels like a lot of pressure but I do feel closer to my husband and I can tell he feels closer to me too because he’s been more lovey dovey towards me.

Jose, my husband, ended up not getting his junk tested because the weekend before his appointment he went to Denver, where his family lives, for the SuperBowl. I stayed home for this trip because I had to work. His niece’s 8th birthday party also happened to be that Saturday so he went to celebrate with the whole family. The party was at a roller skating rink. He didn’t even make it around the rink once before falling backwards onto his dominant hand. Then he got up to do another lap and fell again onto the same side. After that he finally took off the skates and sat down.

He made it to an urgent care center and they did x-rays and told him that it was broken. They splinted it and told him to take it easy. When he got home on Monday evening after the Super Bowl, I picked him up and we drove directly to an orthopedic clinic that is open late and they took a look at the x-rays and scheduled him an appointment with a hand specialist in a week to see if it got better or worse on it’s own.

It got worse. When we saw the hand specialist and got new x-rays, the doctor said, and I quote, “the ice cream fell off the cone,” in reference to the top part of his arm bone falling off the bottom part of his arm bone. He was scheduled for surgery the next day. They repositioned the bone in the correct place and they put in a plate and about 7 screws to hold it in place. Jose took the next three days off work and has been on light duty since he’s gone back.

He is doing well and doesn’t have a ton of pain, so that’s good. Physical therapy starts on Wednesday. The doctor is hopeful that he will get a very large range of motion back, even though it will probably never feel exactly the way it used to.

All that to say he couldn’t do what was necessary to get his semen tested… We called and let them know we would call them to reschedule when he could do the task at hand…LOL

So here’s to hoping that I ovulate and that Jose’s semen are healthy and strong! Go swimmers! Go!

Has anyone gotten pregnant on their first round of Letrozole? Positive stories needed!

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