Blood Work Results

Monday, January 7th a tech from my doctor’s office called to let me know my results. She said something to the effect of, ‘your bloodwork shows that you don’t ovulate and the doctor would like to make an appointment with you to talk about medications to make you ovulate and options.’ 

So I have my first infertility appointment this Friday. 

I know the nurses and techs at a ob/gyn probably have to talk about this stuff all the time so it doesn’t mean a whole lot to them. But sometimes the way they say things is so abrupt. 

When I was on the phone I was in total shock and just going through the motions. Now that it’s been a couple days I’m starting to feel the emotions and do some research. 

First I looked up all the natural ways to induce ovulation but I’m already doing all those things - even if not perfectly. So I guess I’m ready for the unnatural ways. 

Update soon on the actual appointment.  

Amy FarfanComment