Need a New Podcast - Reflecting on WildFit Week 1

Still here.  Still not pregnant.  Looking for more inspirational podcasts.  Reflecting on this weeks WildFit challenge.

The inspirational podcast (Pursuing Your Purpose by Melyssa Griffin) I listen to everyday on my way to and from work is about to run out of old episodes.  I'll still get one episode a week but I need something else inspiring to listen to.  I have come to enjoy getting a little hit of good thoughts while driving my 30-45 minute commute to work everyday.  Anyone have any ideas?

I've also started this new lifestyle program called WildFit.  I've gone through the entire first week of the program and it has been an interesting beginning.  A lot of the program has to do with psychology around food so the first week has really been focused on paying attention to why I eat what I eat and how it really makes me feel afterward.  What I have found so far is that most of the foods that I "love" have some childhood memories attached to them.  Baking cakes with my mom, dad making french toast and bacon for breakfast on the weekends, cheetos on road trips, chocolate when I'm feeling bad, chocolate when I'm feeling good, and on the list goes.  The other general realization that I've had is all of these terrible foods end up making me feel much worse than I was to begin with - my body feels like crap and then I feel guilty for eating food that feels so terrible when I knew I shouldn't really eat it in the first place.  

This WildFit program is looking like it's going to be an interesting 83 more days of self discovery.  I hope I can take in everything that I learn and internalize it so that I become the healthy person that I am imagining everyday during my mindfulness mantras: I am healthy, I am strong, My body is working exactly the way it's supposed to.